A 101 year old lady loves Wine Jellies

At Cowboy Ike’s we love hearing from our customers!

Recently we received this letter from a 101 year old lady that loves our Wine Jellies.

Talk about longevity – we learned that she still drives, plays bridge, and swims. City of Hope is doing a study on her as her internal organs are that of a 70 year old!!

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Cowboy Ike’s Wine Jelly, LLC
10000 Alamo Creek Road
Santa Maria, CA 93454

Oh, my but your Cabernet Sauvignon and Jalapeno Chardonnay jellies are good. They are so different.

I received two jars as an Easter gift, so on that night before my bedtime, I spread some of the original on an artisan cracker. I had one every day after that and even drizzled the last bit on some chicken that got raves from my family (if I’m permitted to pat myself on the back a little). Actually, since I’m not bragging so much about myself as I am about your jelly, it’s probably OK

The first jar went fast and then I tried the spicy one. I put it on the usual things and I love it too, but have you ever tried it on French vanilla ice cream? If you haven’t, you’re missing a real taste treat.

For your information, I just celebrated my 101st birthday and with all those years comes a bit of wisdom, so I know what I’m talking about and you got some winners.


Carmen Adams

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